Consulting Services

In addition to developing, packaging and producing its own slate of films and television, Court Five continues to selectively offer consulting services for a diverse clientele including but not limited to individuals looking to convert their intellectual properties into media content, technology companies looking to create entertainment applications to expand their businesses, and international studios looking to break into the U.S. marketplace.

Mastering the fundamentals and nuances of media development, financing and distribution is crucial to any success.

That’s particularly true now with profound technological changes transforming how people consume and interact with entertainment.

These changes are providing content creators, intellectual property owners and investors with increasingly diverse opportunities for distribution and revenue.

In advising clients on behalf of third-party IP opportunities, the Court Five partners have skillfully and successfully devised the best paths to converting intellectual property into the appropriate filmed media with the right business and creative collaborators.

The result of our advisory services: creative and business deliverables necessary to confidently pursue financing and distribution on any budgetary level.