Teaching the Next Generation

Having greatly benefited themselves from the belief and support of passionate teachers, engaged mentors, and real-world internships in their fields of study, Court Five is strongly committed to fostering the next generation of creators and entertainment executives.

Jane and Mark have guest lectured in support of professors of media studies at Boston University, LA Film School, UC-Riverside and USC, have participated in workshops and panels at Harvard University, Loyola Marymount, and USC and have mentored young writers, directors and executives all over the country.

Having worked together for over 20 years both within a studio and as independent producers, they offer students their unique insight on both the business and creative aspects of content creation, financing and distribution.

Court Five also runs a vibrant internship program, helping educate and instruct promising students who seek first hand knowledge in the world of independent production. We proudly serve as references for and promote the young minds who pass through our doors and have helped our interns land various positions throughout the industry, at companies like CAA, Warner Brothers Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Legendary Pictures, HBO Films, Circle of Confusion, Ad Hominem, and Miscellaneous Entertainment.